The island of Formentera

Último paraíso del Mediterraneo

Formentera is known as the last paradise of the Mediterrean because it has been able to combine tourism with the protection of its environment.

The fight of several generations of the people from Formentera has made possible the conservation of an island whose beaches, clear waters and climate make it a small jewel of what we call Mare Nostrum.

You can only reach Formentera by boat from Ibiza. This inaccessibility makes it a quiet place where you can get away from stress and overcrowding.  

Yoy can enjoy the island bicycling or bathing in its more than 20km of beaches, with white sands and infinitely transparent waters, where it is possible to practise all kinds of nautical sports.  

The secret of the existence of the clear sea and long beaches which makes the difference between Formentera and the rest of the Mediterrean is the plain of poseidonia, a type of seaweed that surrounds the island, a natural purifier that cleanses the water and permits the sedimentation of the sand on the shore. It is an authentic underwater forest that was declared World Heritage in 1999. 

The touristic success of the island, valued by residents and visitors alike, is due to the fact that people still find something different in Formentera. The difference is marked by the respect for nature, the survival of the island´s own culture and the vision of achieving exclusiveness through the protection of its environment.

Other aspects that distinguish Formentera are the atmosphere of freedom - and the Mediterrean light, which since the 70´s, have appealed to artists and craftsmen, who are part of the distinctive heritage of the island. Their designs in clothes, complements and jewelry or in other artwork are a powerful attraction of Formentera.

Telephones of Interest

  • Emergency: 112
  • Local police: 092 / +34 971 32 20 87
  • Civil Guard: +34 971 32 20 22
  • Fireman: 092 / 112
  • Hospital of Formentera: +34 971 32 12 12
  • Pharmacy Es Calo: +34 971 32 73 98
  • Pharmacy Sant Francesc: +34 971 32 24 19
  • Pharmacy Es Pujols: +34 971 32 86 63
  • Pharmacy Sant Ferran: +34 971 32 80 04
  • Taxis: +34 971 32 23 42