Impact COVID-19 in Formentera 2020


Hoteliers in Formentera say that this tourist season must be opened yes or yes, even if it is only for a period of two or three months. The president of the Association, Vicent Tur, stresses that on an economic level the campaign is little less than lost, but affirms that due to image, to continue in the market and not to mortgage the 2021 campaign, the plant cannot be closed hotel to lime and song.

Vicent Tur affirms that in the most positive scenario the openings could be from June 15 and in the most negative forecast on July 15.

A positive element, says Vicent Tur, is that the reserves for the strong months of the season are not canceling. Remember that customers are offered the possibility of changing the dates of the holidays, but ensures that for the moment they are waiting for how the crisis will evolve in the coming weeks.

What the president of the hotel association sees more difficult is to extend the season beyond the month of October. He says that for those dates in a sun and beach destination, other alternatives would have to be found and the prices would be unattractive to businessmen, in addition to competition from other destinations.