Experience to Experience ...

Photo Shoot

The idea is to provoke you to explore and discover yourself through the image. The focus is on your personality, your expressions and your essence.

Discover yourself! Live! Show yourself!

Necessary to renew yourself and to surprise yourself.

What are you discovering in your life? Have you allowed yourself to live revealing experiences and opportunities?

Photos of the soul, in paradise !!!

Formentera is the PARADISE and full of countless details for you to explore all your senses! What if you take advantage of these incredible landscapes and this atmosphere to allow yourself a photographic experience?

The most beautiful photos contain truths and my specialty is to lead people to, together, take traces of your personality to photography.

First, we make an online call to meet the person, partner, family or group of friends who are going to participate in the session and together we decide the location. Then, we do the photo shoot and you receive the material ... it will surprise you! paradise and many truths about you, a new journey, this time, inside yourself!

The experience is an opportunity to explore the senses, acquire knowledge and self-knowledge. Stay in your life forever, no one can take it away from you! You don't get a gift, you get it! It is exclusive to you!

Are you ready?

How it works and Pricing

Value of the Photo Shoot 500 euros

All sessions last 1 hour and include sending 20 images, via file transfer, in high and low resolution.

Types of sessions: Couples - Family / Children - Pregnant - Reveal yourself (personal)

  • It is possible to change clothes during the rehearsal.
  • Group trials include up to 6 members. From 7 participants it is necessary to hire additional hours and the number of images delivered doubles to 40.
  • Additional hour: 80 euros
  • If you allow me to use the material you will get a discount of 100 euros

The day of the photo is a special moment, visiting an amazing place and enjoying a lot of fun! The photos will be taken in a natural and fun way.

Let's go and experiment?

  • Photographer: Carla Camp