Phase 1 of the de-escalation without open hotels begins in Formentera


The island opens today phase 1, in which it is possible to go to the beach and to restaurants and shops, although with limited capacity | Restrictions on the mobility of people end | Hotels are still unable to open and restrictions on maritime links to Ibiza remain

Formentera today becomes one of the four enclaves in Spain (along with Gomera, Hierro and La Graciosa, in the Canary Islands) where the population finally recovers the ability to move around the interior of the island, not so to leave or enter it . In general, from the first hour of today, all those from Formentera who are not infected will be able to go anywhere (except, for example, sports facilities or playgrounds) and at any time. This also includes the possibility of swimming on the beach, as clarified by the president of the Consell de Formentera, Alejandra Ferrer, during a telematic appearance yesterday afternoon to clarify before the press and the citizens of the island their doubts on this first day .

"We understand that everything that is not expressly prohibited in terms of mobility is allowed," Alejandra Ferrer summarized on several occasions, after having examined the ministerial order received by the Consell just one hour before her appearance began, at six and quarter in the afternoon.

In any case, there are still important limitations that must be respected. One of them is that groups of more than ten people are not allowed if they are individuals who do not live together.

In terms of road mobility, cars can go to their maximum capacity if their occupants live together, but otherwise, they can only go one front and one behind. On motorcycles, two people can go if they live together and only one if they do not.

As for playgrounds or sports facilities "the time has not yet come to open them safely," said Ferrer. Instead, funerals will resume, but with a limited number of attendees and with security measures.

"In general, we can approach our grandparents and visit them, but keeping distances and hygiene," said the president.

Commerce will also come back to life from today, but very gradually. "They can open all those that have less than 400 square meters of surface", that is, the vast majority of them. However, the capacity will be limited to 30% and always with preventive measures: masks and a minimum distance of two meters between people. They should also set a preferential schedule for the elderly. "For each type of trade there will be special protocols that are being worked on. We will send them to you immediately, "he said.

Restaurants can also open their doors, but inside there can only be one worker and one customer, while outside (terraces) a capacity of 50% and a separation of two meters between tables will be allowed, apart from also setting hours preferred for older people.

The tourist establishments, on the other hand, will not be able to open at the moment.

In public transport, masks become mandatory and the hours will be the same as in force until now. In taxis two people can go at most.

As for the maritime connections with the island of Ibiza, they remain as they are, without expansion of any kind at the moment, since the Consell has not considered it advisable. There will be (see attached box) more sanitary controls both in the port of La Savina and in Vila on the line between the Pitiüses. The reasons for traveling to Formentera will continue to be limited to the current ones: work or health reasons, basically.

Schools from Formentera or summer camps will not open for the moment and are subject to study for phase 2, within fifteen days, depending on how things are going.

As for the assistance and use of the beaches, "it is one of the most complicated issues," admitted Alejandra Ferrer. But the Consell, given that it is competent on the sea line and even up to 250 meters offshore, has stipulated that you can swim on the beach while maintaining distances and security measures. "In phase 0, water sports activities are allowed", he clarified.

Another different thing is sailing on private pleasure boats. "There has been a lot of trouble with this and we are awaiting definitive clarification. At the moment, we interpret that it is not possible », explained the president.

Collective "responsibility"

There will also be teams of 'informants' from the Consell that will tour the island to answer questions for the population. In case of observing infractions, these informants will notify the Local Police.

Alejandra Ferrer asked the population for "patience" and demanded "responsibility". «We are a little guinea pigs. We will do our best. "

The president, in her telematic appearance, answered not only the questions from the media, but also those raised by the citizens of the island, which alluded to very specific aspects. "We have to go step by step to regain normality and that will depend on the good performance of everyone," said Alejandra Ferrer.